Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Whither a Musk-owned Twitter?

 Musk's real motivation in buying Twitter

Musk has stated that his intent in wanting to wrest control of Twitter is to promote free speech. But is that even a practical vision?  Twitter is crawling with venom-spewing trolls, and allowing untrammeled free speech would be disastrous. Curbing obscenity, racism, ad hominem attacks et al is necessary. 

If he’d said his intent was to use Twitter as a tool for social /political change I’d have found it more credible.

In my view, Musk's real intent in buying Twitter is twofold: 

1. He believes Twitter is undervalued and that he can grow its value hugely. (I don’t believe he can do that but strength to him 💪). 

2. He has presidential ambitions and knows owning Twitter, with its enormous capacity to build and influence large hordes of followers, will be a huge fillip. So, will he run for US president in 2024? Difficult to say as he has businesses to run but it's a reasonable bet that he'll run sometime in the future. 


He doesn’t (yet) figure in the 2024 betting lists . But one can discount a significant probability of his candidature sometime soon.