Friday, July 29, 2005

Welcome to my World Wide Webquarters! I hope to make this a place where Business and Technology intersect with plain, good horse sense! Having been somewhat hopelessly opinionated all my life, I've finally found this great tool to snare hapless strangers into reading my views on just about every topic under the sun (and a few beyond). I'll unabashedly air my views on the challenges facing today's organizations, how technology impacts business and society, why people behave as they do, infinitum*.

A wise soul has said that how much you benefit from what comes out of a horse depends on which end of it you are standing. Though I'm a late arrival on the blogging scene, I promise to make up for the lateness in diligence, prolificity - and.... yes, sheer equine intelligence.

So read on, hapless stranger, and may your tribe (and wisdom) increase!


* but not, it is hoped, ad nauseum!