Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Clouds of Recession: Blowing Over?

Recovery is in sight for the world economy

Many of us have undoubtedbly wondered over the past few months as to when the world economy will shift into a decided phase of recovery from the current doldrums it is steeped in. I've certainly believed at least since late December that recovery will not be long in coming, and may even come as early as July 2009. Perplexingly, this cheery outlook has been at odds with most Gurus of economics and business, who have prophesied start dates for a definitive recovery typically in 2010. See here for a partial list of such prognostications from Dr Ben Bernanke, Steve Ballmer, the G7 Finance Ministers and the IMF.

And why have I been so filled with hope and cheer? The same post above explains five reasons.